DroneRadar and FlyTech Strategic Partnership

On February 8th, 2017 FlyTach UAV and the developer of the DroneRadar suite of applications, dlapilota.pl Sp, z o.o., entered a strategic partnership. The parties will jointly develop IT solutions for UAV management under the developing European flight rules and regulations. The agreement encompasses the development of unique flight planning software solutions that will be integrated with the ATM network. Both companies are engaged with ULC (the Polish Civil Aviation Authority) in the development of future VLOS and BVLOS rules.

The aim of this partnership is the development of solutions serving the knowledge and infrastructural needs of civilians. the military and other state institutions.  FlyTech UAV and dlapilota.pl Sp. z o.o. have also outlined several research and development areas that will be the basis for a knowledge sharing cluster.

FluTech UAV Sp. z o.o. caters to market needs by designing, manufacturing and implementing innovative UAV systems. Sharing their mutual passion for unmanned flight, young and ambitious engineers are the core of the company.
FlyTech’s products and services are primarily aimed at the civilian market and positioned as an alternative to manned flight. FlyTech’s UAV systems can perform missions such as observation, photogrammetry and patrol duty while being more cost-effective, eco-friendly and safer than traditional solutions.

dlapilota.pl Sp. z. o.o. is present in the Polish aviation market since 2002. The company is. among others, the publisher of Poland’s most popular GA website, extensive navigational materials and actively promotes flight safety. Dlapilota.pl is the co-author of Poland’s largest aeronautical incident and accident database as well as an extensive database of Polish airports and airfields.

In December 2015 dlapilota.pl launched the DroneRadar DAMS system which integrates all airspace structures and provides simple and easy access to this data to all UAV operators. Being a world first, the launch was well received by the UAV and aviation communities. In time DroneRadar DAMS has been integrated with the Polish Military Air Traffic Command and the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency. At present the company is integrating UAV traffic into the ATM network under EASA U-Space regulations in development. The DroneRadar mobile app suite is widely used as training material by most Polish UAV operator training centres