An initial and subjective summary od Droniada 2018

The 2018 Droniada was entirely dedicated to autonomy. The participants of the contest were had two tasks to complete. The first task was to find the serum delivery point after a cataclysm in fully autonomous flights. In order for the drones not to collide, all of them had to implement an anti-collision protocol as defined in the exercise. The drones flew simultaneously in a geofenced area. The second exercise was to find elements of linear infrastructure damaged by a storm in a fully autonomous way.

Did the teams manage ?
With great pleasure we can say that yes, they did ! This was proof of their enormous experience and knowledge and also of the fact that the algorithm we devised is suitable for the task and implementable.

Six teams particiated in the contest

Melavio Politechnika Warszawska
Raptors Politechnika 艁贸dzka
Bia艂ystok KNR Politechnika Bia艂ostocka
Rzesz贸w Euroavionic Team Politechnika Rzeszowska
WuThrust Politechnika Warszawska

The winners were:

  • First place: Raptors Politechnika 艁贸dzka
  • Second place: WuThrust Politechnika Warszawska
  • Third place: Bia艂ystok KNR Politechnika Bia艂ostocka

Irrespective of the place they took, Ww would like to congratulate all teams on their relentlessness, knowledge and passion.

What are the conclusions ?
The ADS-B transponders from Aerobits used in the exercise showed a 97% usability availability and reliability level. The technology is ready. In the spoken opinion of observers from PA呕P and ULC the technology may be used in the future in automatic and autonomous flights. The integration of this technology with our DroneRadar platform illustrated the working of the system for our guests from PFR, NCBiR, PA呕P, JSW Innowacje and GZM.

Detailed data and recommendations from the contest will be published soon.