Crystal ball: What will happen to the drones next year?

The legislative and technological machinery is gaining momentum. Year 2019 will certainly be more difficult. This will be the time, to deliver thousands of promises. Do you agree?

What about Poland?
First of all, new regulations for operators of UAV(S) will come into force January 2019.

In one word, new law will enable BVLOS flights in non-segregated areas. This is the moment we have been waiting for a long time. New legislation framework will initially stimulate and ultimately enable large-scale of commercial flights. This is what we call the birth of awaited “U-space infrastructure”. But do not be afraid. In the first phase, BVLOS flights will require the individual approval of the CAA President, supported by an in-depth safety analysis and risk assessments.

New drone legislation, will affect entire aviation ecosystem, starting with, of course, the drones, through General Aviation, military and ending with commercial aviation. Since January 2019, integration of UTM and ATM will not be anymore wishful thinking. ATM/UTM assimilation will narrow cooperation between ANSP, CAA, Ministries, EU with technological support from drone manufactures, IT companies and Counter-Drones Systems. We have great honor to participate in this game changing process.

For a long time, we all in DroneRadar, have been preparing for this moment, by backing PansaUTM which become the focal point for registration, building awareness, processes orchestration, in a word, everything that the European commission expects, in the U-space program.

dFPL (drone FPL) is just the beginning
Implemented by DroneRadar, although still in test dFPL (Drone Flight Plans) along with the risk analysis system, will facilitate procedures of obtaining approvals for any of drone flights (VLOS, eVLOS, BVLOS) with respect to ARC, AEC and local requirements.

PansaUTM supported by DroneRadar and Hawk-E, is to become a point connecting the needs of all participants in the new process.

Where to fly?
The greatest area, in which massive BVLOS flights will take place in Silesian Metropolis. With strong government support in CEDD (Central European Drone Demonstrator) initiative, south of Poland will become the birthplace of new U-space infrastructure.

But do we really predict what will happen in 2019? Probably only in the first half. So, stay tuned.