Official launch of PansaUTM Drone Flight Planning system (dFPL) on the World ATM Congress 2019

During World ATM Congress in Madrid,PANSA Polska Agencja Żeglugi Powietrznej together with Hawk-E and DroneRadar presented to the world wide audience, the Drone Flight Planning module (dFPL). dFPL acts as an ambassador for gaining necessary flight approvals for both VLOS and BVLOS operations. SORA analyses module, advice drone minimum equipment and orchestrate required permission.

The greatest interest of the market is concentrated on:
- The CAA integrated e-Registration module - Parallel processing component available for both civil and military ANSPs and numerous Local Administration Units - The intelligent strip platform, integrated with dFPL and live traffic on Pandora (Integrated Air Traffic Management System).

During first two days of WAC2019 PansaUTM was visited by almost 100 visitors from all over the world.

About the project
For the first time ever, PANSA is represented on WAC2019 with own exhibition presenting beyond PansaUTM, also CAT (Common Airspace Tool), Pandora, Flight Inspection and Instrument Flight Procedure Design platform and Validation and Runway Condition Code Prediction Engine.

We are absolutely proud to be part of new U-space ecosystem.