DroneRadar 2

The moment has come! On 28th of November 2019 we have released for you the DroneRadar 2. It is a completely new application, fully integrated with PansaUTM, the official UAV traffic management system in the Polish airspace and performing the functions specified by European regulations.

Noteworthy is the fact that the application is integrated with the official PansaUTM system being in the certification process.

DroneRadar 2 allows you to use missions created and approved in PansaUTM using dFPL (Drone Flight Plan) and full two-way non-verbal communication with air traffic services (CDDLC – Controller Drone Data Link Communication). But most importantly, DroneRadar version 2 is the basis for the rapid implementation of entire stack of U1-U3 services.

Upgrading to the full version 2 is a multi-stage process. Requires many organizational changes on the system operator's side as well as the application itself. That’s why we are introducing the minimal version today. In the following days there will be more updates to correct any errors and introduce new functionalities.

We will also soon provide an API for developers to create DTMs and integrate with third-party applications.

Operating instructions for the new app: https://droneradar.eu/blog/droneradar-2-user-manual-2/

Safe Flights!

PansaUTM is technologically supported by Hawk-e Sp. z o.o. and DroneRadar Sp. z o.o.