FAQ: How legally fly Drone in Poland during coronavirus?

1 . Is it mandatory to report a drone flight in the DroneRadar app?

From April 18th 2020 until further notice, every drone flight, regardless of weight and altitude, must be reported in the DroneRadar application. Legal basis: On 18 April 2020, the provisions of the Act of 16 April 2020 on special support instruments in connection with the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus (Journal of Laws of 2020, item 695) entered into force. ), which set new requirements for the operation of unmanned aerial vehicles (BSP). A complete announcement can be found at: https://www.pansa.pl/nowe-wymogi-wykonowania-operacji-z-uzyciem-bsp-w-zwiazku-z-koronavirus

2. Do I have to report a flight in DroneRadar when flying a drone in a confined space?


3. Where do I have to report the flight plan to the drone and where not? What is the "Mission in PansaUTM" about?

The submission of a drone flight plan (drone flight plan), i.e. mission in PansaUTM, is ONLY needed in PLACES where permission for the flight of the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA) is required. Such places are CTR airport control zones, i.e. usually in larger cities. Warning! Drones up to a certain mass, up to a certain flight altitude and at a distance from the controlled airport do not require permission to fly in the controlled space, e.g. drone with a mass <600 gr at a distance of more than 1 km from the airport border up to a height of 30m do not require a mission PansaUTM. The DroneRadar application will inform you about the place where such a flight plan should be reported. At the time of reporting the flight (Checkin), the application will say that you must register, log in and submit the flight plan at utm.pansa.pl.

4. Where is the PansaUTM and DroneRadar user manual?

dFPL Handbook, i.e. instructions for submitting a Mission to PansaUTM
Instructions for using the DroneRadar application

And one important thing. The DroneRadar application in the PansaUTM system is called dPilot (from Drone Pilot).

5. Where are the PANSA news about drone flights?

Remember to track where the UTM system is operational and is the only form of flight reporting, and where it is tested in parallel with paper reports. News, including manuals for using UAVO dedicated modules, can be found here https://www.pansa.pl/pansautm_news/

6. PansaUTM does not appear to me on a mobile device

The PansaUTM website is a website optimized for the Chrome web browser. Of course, you can try to run it on a mobile device (smartphone, tablet) but remember to browse it horizontally. The minimum screen width is 600 pixels.

7. I want to fly in an MCTR controlled military space. What should I do?

The flight rules (guidelines) in controlled spaces are specified by the Head of the Air Traffic Service of the Polish Armed Forces at: Flight rules in MCTR

8. Where is more FAQ?

More FAQ is in the DroneRadar mobile application in the FAQ tab.

PansaUTM is a concept of digital coordination of unmanned aerial vehicle flights and the management of applications and permits for flights in Polish airspace. The solution, which has been operational at Polish airports since March, consists of PANSA's proprietary solutions and the system part provided by the technology partner HAWK-E, integrated with the DroneRadar application, which is the most popular among drone operators in Poland.