Problems with the functioning of the Droneradar mobile application

On 4th of August 2023, the Droneradar mobile application, working with the PansaUTM system, started to show instability in its operation. We are working to determine the causes of the instability probably caused by a lack of updates to it and changes to its development environment. Due to financial realities, ownership relations and the close relationship between the Droneradar application and PansaUTM, we are currently unable to give a timeframe for the resolution.

At the same time, we would like to emphasise that the Droneradar application integrated with the PansaUTM system, of which we were very much a co-developer, has so far proved to be the only application in the world so functionally and technologically mature as to provide two-way non-verbal communication between air traffic services and drone pilots, effective coherent and unambiguous interpretation of regulations and airspace for flight decision-making, support for strategic flight planning and dozens of minor functionalities which, as we say colloquially, made the topic. Unfortunately, as a result of lack of funding for the project and lack of access to the PansaUTM backend, we are unable to provide a development team to maintain the Droneradar application free of charge.

We are open to cooperation and are eager to return to the topic of application maintenance and development with PANSA, as we continue to have a great sense of mission related to the development of the unmanned and U-space market in Poland. We also have, as time has shown, exceptional competence in this field. We believe that over the years, the Droneradar mobile application has contributed immensely to the safety of all airspace users in the EPWW FIR.

At the same time, we apologise to all users, including government services
using the system and the military for the situation and we hope that we will be able to restore the app in the future in one form or another as before.

Information on how to fly legally without the Droneradar application was published by PANSA on its website:

Remember to respect the law.