DroneRadar for ANSP. Fulfilling EASA "U-Space" concept.

The DroneRadar DAMS (Drone Awareness and Monitoring System) is to vastly improve airspace safety by providing solution to performing, monitoring and integrating UAV operations with the ATM (ANSP Air Navigation Service Provider) flow in European airspace. In particular DroneRadar fulfilling concept of the “U-Space” on access to low level airspace, especially in urban areas.

DroneRadar DAMS is now working in the Polish Air Traffic Agency (PANSA - test) and Military ATC.

A rapidly growing number of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle operations have caused major concern over flight safety. Air Traffic Management institutions, like ATC, FIS are finding it difficult to track such operations as the majority of those are conducted by amateurs with no aviation background and little or no knowledge of both airspace structures and flight rules. Placement of UAV operations is vague even in the case of certified UAV operators and the sheer future volume of both certified and amateur operations might be impossible to track using existing ATM resources. There are many reasons for that, such as certification in commercial airspace, compliance with ICAO Annex 10 and others. Up to now there has been no means or concept of integrating such operations into the mainstream ATM flow, which would allow for creating awareness of them and their monitoring.

DroneRadar DAMS is the first European, and probably worldwide, system platform allowing for such integration. DroneRadar DAMS is a non-restrictive, mobile, cloud based system platform that allows the precise registration, monitoring and management of drone operations via procedurally sourced information. The system is based on simple concepts easily understood by amateurs but at the same time provides sophisticated functionality for Air Navigation Service Providers and for professional users such as military and governmental institutions.

DroneRadar DAMS is fully operational in Poland since December 2015. Over the course of the first year alone the mobile application was downloaded and accessed by over 20 000 users (iOS and Android). Airspace availability on both mobile and web applications was checked 500 000 times over this period, which shows the potential volume of UAV operations in just Poland itself.

Clearly, DroneRadar DAMS is a solution many UAV operators and ATM institutions have been waiting for and has enormous potential for structuring procedures needed to integrate UAV operations into the ATM flow. Detailed analyses of the above statistics, may be used for risk assessment, and may be a great input for SMS (Safety Management System) analyses.

As the only one application on the market, DroneRadar confront all regulations which apply to FIR and present them in easy to understand way, to all users (professionals and amateurs).

Implementing DroneRadar DAMS across Europe

It is clear for us that implementing DroneRadar DAMS across European airspace would have value for all parties involved and would greatly enhance the safety of UAV operations. Amateur UAV operators would gain easy access to knowledge they would not and could not have researched any other way. Professional UAV operators would receive a consistent tool that provides information which has been dispersed up to now. ANSP’s and other authorities would at last have oversight of registered UAV operations. Regardless of future solutions, whatever they may be, DroneRadar DAMS would solve a significant amount of problems associated with UAV operations here and now. Legislation based on a “tell us where you are” principle would be probably acceptable and easily implemented by any EU member state.

DroneRadar DAMS is the first system of it’s kind operational in European airspace.

For more information, please contact us at pawel.korzec@droneradar.eu