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About the project Sp. z o.o. at 3 Księżycowa street apt. 18 is the author, publisher and administrator of the Droneradar application. The service has been created with co-operation from ATM PP Sp. z o.o. All data originates from official sources (AIP, AIP SUP, NOTAM, AUP) and from the website.

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General questions: info[at]

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Legal notice

The usage, copying, redistributing of any information, provided by both applications and by the webpage, in any format or manner requires the explicit permission of the administrator, Sp z o.o.

  1. The Droneradar application is designed to increase airspace situational awareness.
  2. All data provided by Droneradar is provided for informational purpouses only and can be used solely as supplemantary data in flight planning.
  3. The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operator (UAVO) shall be solely resposible for obtaining any relevant information and permissions necessary to perform any flight in accordance with regulations.
  4. All and any information provided by Droneradar should be verified with official aerospace publications.
  5. Droneradar is not certified software and can not be used as an official information source.
  6. The publisher and developer of Droneradar does not in any way guarantee that the information provided by the application is correct, current or accurate.
  7. The publisher and developer of Droneradar does not take any responsibility for any damage, direct or consequential that may occur from the use of the application.

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